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greta is next. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> greta: she is moving up in the polls and under attack. representative michelle bachmann is getting slammed from all sides. not just by the media, not just by democrats. now by tim pawlenty. representative bachmann is here. >> guess what, governor pawlenty is also here. will he standby his words? >> fourth day of debt talks between the white house and president and republicans. what happened? got heated. how heated? eric cantor said the president became very agitated and the president walked out. now what? we ask karl rove. >> president is not the only one annoyed with the republicans. donald trump, he's also anointed with fellow republicans, but for another reason. he's calling his fellow republicans el foldo. what does that mean? >> only here and only you will
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see this, the tense final moments inside the verdict room of the casey anthony murder trial where all 12 jurors deliberated. juror 11 the foreperson takes you there. >> the sheet that was give event to me, there was a feel of disgust that came across knowing my signature and her signature were going to be on the same sheet. >> greta: first, representative michelle bachmann, nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> greta: the white house tonight talks not only did they break down apparently the president got mad and left the room. one democratic congressional aide told us the meeting ended with majority leader cantor being dressed down by the president while sitting in silence. things are getting heated. >> they are. the president has been used to getting his way. one party controlled all levers of power during the 13 your of the presidency.
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this is new for him. -- now he's getting some of the first push-back and he's not used toy. >> greta: senator mcconnell, senator kyl said president obama needs to decide between his goal of higher taxes or a bipartisan plan to address our deficit. he can't have both. it seems these talks really are a totally stop. if the republicans will not move, will not move on the tax issue, that's the end of it. >> i think it is more about what the people are saying. 69% of the american people right now are saying, don't raise the debt ceiling. 63% are saying the country is on the wrong track. there's no appetite for continued government spending. no appetite for the direction the economy is moving in. i think the president is out of step. i'm on the ground. i'm in iowa, south carolina, new hampshire. there is no appetite for this i think it is the president who is out of step. i think that my fellow
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colleagues in the house are hearing what the people are saying from back home. >> greta: you said something before the show started which i didn't understand. explain to me, one of the things i asked was about the social security checks. we all care that people get their social security, military gets their pay. the president saying the checks won't go out august 2nd or 3rd. you told me this comes out of a different fund? >> there's a lot of push-back on the president's comments because the checks come out of social security trust fun that fund writes checks for seniors, those checks will continue to go out. i think it was irresponsible frankly for the president to suggest that they won't be going out. they will be going out. >> greta: they are separately funded by our fica payments? >> that is correct. >> greta: no matter the revenue is fill going to roll in for that. if the government shuts down on the deficit issue, --
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[ talking over each other ] >> remember how this works. you and i have jobs. out of our paychecks there's fica money taken out that goes into the social security trust fund, a general fund. it didn't go no into a greta or michelle account. it goes into a general account. out of that account checks are written for seen kwrrs in current real-time. the only problem would be if there is not enough taken out of our checks to go into the general fun and we are short then the government dips into the treasury to make up the -- make up the difference so seniors get their checks. the bulk of the money comes out of the social security trust fun. it has always been sufficient -- trust fund. it has always been sufficient to coverage. last year there wasn't enough. that may be the case this year. the bulk of the money is there to pay those checks. >> greta: i understand the democrats don't want to do more cuts and the republicans
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don't want any more tax increase. the one thing i don't hear is about waste and fraud. i know that -- >> it is in every department. >> greta: i know it is not going to solve our economic crisis. but there's a lot of waste. i think it would be so attractive to both sides why aren't they talking that and looking for it? >> you've got your finger on what people are saying across the country. they know there's waste everywhere. and they see people milking the system. and they think wouldn't you at least start there? isn't that easy, democrats, all agree, let's get rid of it. we are coming up to the brink now. one thing that politicians need to say, something i will commit to, if we come to a time of shutdown, i'm not going to take my pay. i'm putting my pay in a fund for military families. solve this right now, by taking off the table the issue
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of the full faith and credit of the united states. we have plenty of money coming in to payoff the interest and the debt, take it off the table. and takeoff the military pay issue off the table. if you have a spouse at home and their husband or wife are serving our military in the tile of war, you take that issue off the take. the military shouldn't be pawns. and the full fate and credit of the united states shouldn't be pawns. take it off the table and haggle about the rest. >> greta: one of the other issues this afternoon, moody's say they may downgrade our credit rating. if that happens it is going to cost us more money to borrow and we know we need more money because we can't pay our bills -- >> dependent upon not paying the interest on the debt. that's a very small amount of money relatively speaking. we can easy do that. i had a press conference today with representative steve king and gomer -- we don't get
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downgraded if we pay the interest on the debt. the president knows and secretary geithner know we have sufficient money to pay the interest on the debt. >> greta: why is moody's saying that to scare the country? >> what they are saying is we fail pay the interest on the debt we'll be down guided. there's no reason to do that. we have plenty of money to pay the interest on the debt. >> greta: we have plenty of money if we don't pay other things, right? we don't have a lot of extra cash hanging around. >> the interest on the debt is anywhere between 6 and 10% of all the revenues that come in. clearly, we have plenty of money to payoff the interest on the debt. so, the thing is, it is more fashion able for the president to scare people and say the sky -- sky is about to fall. we are going to lose our credit rating. no we won't. we have money to pay it, pay it take that issue off the take. here's the big issue, the
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president doesn't want to have to be confronted with priorities in spending. because he has a lot of chutzpah. he spent a trillion on stimulus, it failed. he spent a trillion and a half every year on deficits, they are his. also obamacare trillions of dollars this is his spending. he's gotta own it and deal with it. >> greta: i think the president genuinely wants to make sure people don't get hurt. >> we all do. we all do. >> greta: i don't think he's necessarily playing politics some would say he worries if we take some money out of this program it is going to hurt somebody, they all have costs every time we take has costs. >> my point was, this president has added trillions of dollars. we wouldn't be in this crisis right now if he wouldn't have spent that trillion on stimulus, trillion and a half more than he should have on the budget and trillions more on obamacare. but for those trillions in spending, we wouldn't be in this mess.
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we would still be in a bad spot, nowhere near the hole. take the shovel out of the president's hand so we don't dig deeper that what would happen if we raise the debt ceiling and why i'm adamant about raising the debt ceiling. >> greta: you will come back, right? >> i will. >> greta: former governor pawlenty is standing by his criticism of congresswoman bachmann saying her record in congress is nonexistent. why did he said that? earlier he went on the record. nice to see you. >> good to be with you. >> greta: getting heat because you took a bit of a slap at fell -- at representative bachmann saying her record is nonexistent. what do you mean by that? what do you seek to gain by that? >> each candidate brings different strengths to the table. i certainly respect congresswoman bachmann i share
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many of her ideas and conservative views and values. i think the country is going to expect and the republican party should expect the next president has leadership experience, leading records on things like reducing spending and cutting taxes. not just talking about leading as an executive. i've done that, congresswoman bachmann hasn't. >> greta: right now minnesota is in a state of shutdown. obviously, you are not the current governor as of january. it former republican member of your party, governor is critical of the way you were as governor. suggesting you did some patching but you never did the structural changes that would have prevented minnesota from now being in the situation they are with the five billion dollar deficiency. one other thing is that in the spring of 2009, that you signed all these spending bills the democrats wanted and you vetoed all the democrats' revenue bill.
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when -- after the legislature adjourned you did unilateral cuts to balance the budget and that was determined to be an unconstitutional exercise of your authority. so that experience that you are relying on has got -- you got some explaining to do. >> if you look at this race, i've got the best record of anybody in this race when it comes to reducing spending, cutting taxes, doing health care reform the right way not through man days or government takeovers. puck -- not just talking about in stuff, but doing it. that is the big difference. as to the points you raised. that former governor is an obama, john kerry supporter so you don't put too much creed into what he is talking about. when i was governor every budget was balanced. the last one ended about a week ago june 30th, midnight it ended with a surplus in the black. projected deficit for the next two years is based on an
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assumption, bureaucratic assumption, hypothetical of 20 plus increase percent in spending that i would never had allowed had i continued on as governor. those are the facts. every budget was balanced under my watch and still was through last week. >> greta: how do you respond, maybe the criticism is incorrect. there are two ways to balance a budget, one to make structural changes, real changes so it is a healthy economic environment. the other is patchwork. there's some criticism of you taking some of the tobacco settlement money in the billions around the state and using that to meet shortfalls obviously that money is not going to be there to tap into. what structural changes did you make as opposed to the patching ones? >> well, look, i was governor eight years. 40 years before i became governor, -- we cut spending in real terms for the first
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time in 150 years. the democrats when i was there squealed loudly and regularly how i was cutting to the bone. now to suggest it was some one time shift isn't true. as to the executive action you mentioned earlier. i took more money out of the budget as an executive than all the other governors combined. i got the legislature after the court ruling to reinstate most of that. this suggestion people are saying one time or didn't cut it. the budget was balanced, real cuts were made and it took executive leadership. if you are going to be president of united states you should have run something of a large public nature with results. there's a big difference between talking about things and doing things. my record will stack up and prove i've got that experience and results. >> greta: i'm not a big fan of cigarettes. while you were governor, there was an increase in the tax -- increase in the amount on
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cigarettes. many say it was a tax increase of 75 cents per pack. you have said that it is not a tax increase. why isn't that a tax increase when you have to pay 75 cents more per pack? i ask you because you don't want to raise taxes. >> we had a government shutdown. i was part of a larger compromise we agreed to. as to whether it was a tax or fee, the point is, revenue was involved. court litigated that issue in minnesota and concluded it was a fee. that wasn't just my reference, a court of law litigated it and determined that as a matter of law. congresswoman bachmann voted for that as well. >> greta: governor, thank you. interesting season i look forward to having you back. i hope you join us again. thank you sir. >> thank you. >> greta: it is so out of control here in washington the debt ceiling fight between the president and the republicans stuck in the fourth grade. it is such a serious issue.
10:15 pm
what did we get today? no. we go the president storming out. others agitated and even some name calling. could it get worse? we'll find out. karl rove is here next. >> also, donald trump is calling his fellow republicans, el foldo. we'll tell you why. >> what was casey anthony like in court? we ask the foreperson. he takes you behind closed doors. you will only see it right here. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] the network --
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-- >> the president: i do not want and i will not accept a deal in which i am asked to do nothing. in fact, i'm able to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional income that i don't need. while a parent out there struggling how to send their kid to college, finds they've got a couple thousand less in grants or student loans. >> greta: that's president obama talking monday about what he wants out out of the debt deal. karl rove joins us. nice to see you. >> great to see you. >> greta: how is this going to
10:20 pm
resolve? >> that's complicated. i think something gets done. maybe a couple days late. i think it is going to be a short term fix rather than a long term fix. greta, that was disingenuous what we just saw from the president. starting with the fact that he said we will see a family that is going to have less money for a student lone. what we are talking about is not cutting from $100 for student loans available in america to $95 available for student loans in america. we are talking about in the future rather than raising to $110 to like $105. >> greta: that's a numbers game in washington. >> sure. it is a way to scare people. >> greta: it is considered a cut if we don't raise something. >> as high as he would like to raise it. if he doesn't want that money maybe he ought to give it to a charity. if he's concerned about the debt and he doesn't think he needs that money maybe he ought to write a check to the
10:21 pm
bureau of debt and it would go to reduce the debt. >> greta: i think a lot of conservatives seized upon that. i thought he meant he himself was a wealthy man he could afford to pay more taxes. i think people took that one and hit him with it. >> then don't put it that way make it sanctimonious and pretentious and preening. if you examine his rhetoric over the last 10 years in public life from the state senate, his 2004 speech at the convention his race for the u.s. senate he talks about the tax code not in terms what is necessary what is the most efficient way to get revenue, he talks about it in terms of fairness. a way to take from the people who got and give to the people who don't. >> greta: i don't like the idea that people who have been successful are suggesting they are cheap not paying their fair share that is class warfare. >> we saw that in his news
10:22 pm
conference last week. six times talks about the millionaires and billionaires flying around in their corporate jets. a he was in favor of it. and it creates jobs and it is three billion dollars over the next 10 years during which the government will spend 47.7 -- 41.7 trillion, that is 417 thousand billions of dollars and he's going to take care of three of that? >> greta: look, i'm not excusing the behavior of walking out he got frustrated and walked out and gave a dressing down to majority leader cantor. the whole thing is tear rated to the bottom. the fact -- deteriorated to the bottom. the fact is we are rolling up on this date. republicans say no to taxes, democrats say no to short term and no to more spending cuts. so with are in a fix.
10:23 pm
>> the way out is, house republicans come together around a short term extension of the debt. let's say they come up with 400 billion dollars worth of the cuts and 399 billion dollar increase in the debt ceiling, pass it through the house send it to the senate. >> greta: they are supposed to resolve this. that is their job. >> remember, the date that the president has offered up, he wants a 2.4 trillion increase in the debt ceiling in order to get him passed the 2012 elections this is an artificial number. >> greta: i don't like the fact the american people are getting gamed on this the american people are working hard trying to get through everyday. i think the american people are getting gamed by in number, i do not like that. >> in is the problem both sides face. -- this is the problem both sides face. between august 3rd, and august 31, the bipartisan policy center says the government is going to receive 172 billion
10:24 pm
dollars. during that same time it has 306 billion dollar in program expenditures, it is going to be 134 billion dollar short. can we pay the interest on the debt? yeah, it is about 29 billion dollars. can we pay social security? you bet, 49 billion. we can pay medicare and medicaid, 50 billion. we can pay military, 2.9 billion dollars. we can pay for the bullets, gasoline and jet fuel and everything they need, 31.7 billion dollars many refinanceds due from irs, 3.9. we can pay a quarter of the unemployment checks that are going to be due that month. that exhausted the 172 billion dollars. at that point you can't pay for the fbi, national parks, faa, federal retirees, you name it. >> greta: karl, thank you. >> you bet. >> greta: donald trump calling his federal republicans terrible negotiators and el foldo. what provoked those words?
10:25 pm
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10:29 pm
they are going to do something with the debt ceiling, they could negotiate so strong, they could negotiate so powerfully right now. they are losing all their chips. just like they did in december. >> greta: yes donald trump has coined it el foldo. right now neither side is compromising. we asked donald trump what he could do if he were at the negotiating table? nice to have you join us again. >> thank you very much. >> greta: i need a definition. i watched your youtube video today and researched for tonight's interview. the term "he will dole dough "-- the term "el foldo." >> the republicans are doing another one they did one in the lame duck session, like they allowed him back into the game. now they doing another one at a much higher level this is incredible. they had all of the cards. they haven't made this deal yet from all indications, it
10:30 pm
looks like they frightened. it looks like they are scared i am and it looks like they are folding. >> greta: why? >> i have no idea. and they are making obama look so great. it is just incredible. the fact is, the republicans are terrible negotiators. one of the things that most bothered me when i was thinking about running and when i was leading in the polls, i would look at some of the decisions these people were making and couldn't believe it. look at what paul ryan has done with medicare. where hew;rç wants to knock out and destroy medicare, whether he is or not the perception is that he is. you see what going on. you say, maybe the democrats are gonna take over the house. it is unbelievable what is going on many nancy pelosi is laughing all the way to the bank. she is the only one saying i won touch medicare. the republicans could end up, instead of getting more seats
10:31 pm
in the house they could end up losing the house. they are horrible negotiators. paul ryan how he got involved, after being in office for 15 seconds after getting his new position. the first thing he does is come out with this plan that is absolutely -- he should have waited for obama to come out. >> greta: back to the debt ceiling. >> the fact is they are terrible, terrible, fright ed negotiators. i can't believe they are doing this. >> greta: you use a term like el foldo, interesting term. you have said that you have nothing but bad words for them, terrible negotiators in terms of this debt ceiling. is that at all tempting to you to get into the 2012? you certainly have a high level of certainty as to how would you do it? >> i'm going to see what happens with the republicans. and i'm going to see was with the economy. it is obviously going to be obama i'm going to see was with the economy. certainly, things good. if you look at the trade packs
10:32 pm
we are making and the deals we are making. you look at the deals we make with other countries, that same mentality, unbelievable what is happening. >> greta: what would you do differently in these debt negotiations that the republicans aren't doing? >> i would like a final and conclusive deal. they have all of the strength in fact, one of the proposals i'm hearing they want to take it over until after the election to get politics involved. the fact is, politics what gives the republicans the power and strength. >> greta: does this make you more likely to want to jump in the game or not? >> it is too soon. i love my life. i love what i'm doing. >> greta: i know you do. [ talking over each other ] >> "wall street journal" saying i'm an intelligent person, get stuff last week and lots of other things. i'm enjoying my life. i can't believe when i look at what happened with the lame
10:33 pm
duck session. to me which was a mini version what is happening now, by the republicans. they allowed obama to come back. when i look at what happened with the lame duck. when i look at ryan coming out with a plan that whether he call it that or not, has an impact on medicare. which means that the republicans are gonna lose virtually every seat just like happened in buffalo. when i look at things that are happening -- if the economy continues to be bad, which i think it will. if the republicans pick the wrong person, i will absolutely get involved. >> greta: in terms of the field now, there are two people out there that has attention, one is governor perry of texas and the other is former governor sarah palin of alaska. do you see either one of them getting into the race? would either be a strong contender for the nomination? >> i know sarah palin and i think she is a very good person and a very good woman. as you know she came to
10:34 pm
new york and everything and i was a whole big deal am i think she is a terrific person. i don't know she going to run. i don't think she going to run. i'm not sure she has made up her mind. i think she is a terrific person. i met governor perry one time, i was impressed by him. i think michelle bachmann is doing a very good job thus far. i don't know romney. i think michelle bachmann is doing a very good job. and we'll see where that goes. but it is early, right now it is very early. >> greta: everyone talks about governor romney, wealthy man, should we think because someone is able to be successful personally, business-wise that the person can create jobs? >> i think it helps. it doesn't hurt that somebody made some money. he's not like a super wealthy person, but he made money. and there's something nice about that, as opposed to a person who is a stiff and
10:35 pm
never made anything and is supposed to lead the country. when you've had a great accomplishment. when you've done many, many deals and made money, it is tougher than some politician that never did anything and therefore, there's nothing to criticize. i think it's wonderful when somebody was out there doing well, fighting hard and made money, it is like a score card. i think it means something, yes. >> greta: much more of our interview with donald trump on tells you how he would fix this debt ceiling crisis. he tells us what he thinks about the casey anthony murder trial. >> you go behind the scenes of the murder trial hear from the foreperson. he tells you what he thinks casey is really like. and why he now feels sorry for the and any family. on here on the record, next.
10:36 pm
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>> greta: the jury foreperson
10:40 pm
in the casey anthony murder trial goes on the record in 60 seconds. but first. >> reporter: three coordinated blasts rocking mumbai, india killing 21 and injuring more than 140. attacks ripping doors off storefronts and shredding a nearby bus stop. one witness describing two motorcycles that burst into flames is no immediate claim of responsibility by the way this is india's worst terror attack since the 2008 mumbai seen that killed 166 people. >> chilling threat over the problems resolving this nation's debt crisis. moody's investor service warning it might lower our nation's aaa bond rating there's a small but rising risk of default that is the latest look at headlines. we now return to greta and on the record.
10:41 pm
>> greta: we all saw it, casey anthony crying several times during her trial. were they real tears? what was it like for the jurors to sign off on that not guilty verdict form? we asked juror number 11. ever have any contact with the jury, sort of eye contact? >> just quick eye contact they would make. we were sitting in front of her so it was going to happen. >> greta: what do you think she is like? >> no clue. as far as i know from what i've seen in evidence, i know from the videos that i've seen from her, when she's was in prison the pictures that were taken, that were admitted into evidence, anything about her personality, i do think she has issues she will battle forever. issues that i can't understand. i don't associate myself with people like that.
10:42 pm
i don't really know much about the personality of casey anthony. i just know from what i was able to see that she does have problems. >> greta: it is interesting. something you didn't hear and had nothing to do with the trial. there were letters she wrote while in child, talked about having another child which horrified people. >> right, we didn't know anything about those. >> greta: your thought? >> i haven't given it much thought. her writing in prison to other people, you know, i don't know what else you can do in prison. as far as the alleged pregnancy, again, that's something that really -- you know disgusts me. >> greta: she didn't testify. she has a constitutional right not to testify. everyone always wonders whether the jury thinks why didn't she testify if she didn't do anything? any discuss about her not
10:43 pm
testifying? >> that was never brought up. >> greta: did you want to hear from her? >> you want to hear from the person that they are talking about for the six to eight weeks. but she has a right not to testify. it would have been unproductive for know dwell on that for any of us to dwell on that. there would be no reason for us to do that. >> greta: did you see her cry? >> yep. >> greta: what did you think about that genuine? >> i don't know. i think there were times when she was crying because -- i did think it was genuine when lee was crying. that was a very heart wrenched emotional point for lee. and i thought that was genuine for her. all of the others, i don't know what she is asked to do or told what to do. i don't know if she is the type of person that can cry on the drop of a dime when she needs to. not something i weighed in.
10:44 pm
>> greta: this is clinical in the sense look at the evidence, look at verdict form? >> you look at the verdict form, you look at your notes and you look at the evidence, yes. >> greta: did you ever feel sorry for her? >> no. >> greta: not once? >> not once. >> greta: ever feel sorry for george? >> no as far as -- feel sorry for the fact that now here they are, left to pick up the pieces. you have to keep in mind and in perspective that there is -- their granddaughter is deceased i feel sorry for them in that aspect. what sits with me, and what bothers me the most is the fact that they -- nobody made the effort. i say they, them, who, one or two, whoever, maybe made the effort to get ahold of somebody. >> greta: cindy made the 911
10:45 pm
call. >> cindy is different. cindy was never one that we thought had any point in the matter. but, the others did. that's what we -- that's a shame. that's why i was saying before. there should be something in place where we can -- that can be punishable. serious, not misdemeanor, something serious so they can be punished, because of that. >> greta: any disgust for anyone in particular? >> i'll tell you what, when i had to sign off on the indictments, there was -- >> greta: you moon the verdict. >> the verdict, yeah the sheet that was given to me. there was a feeling of disgust that came across me knowing that my signature and her signature were going to be there on the same sheet. i do have a disgust for -- i don't want to name names but for people in the family, i
10:46 pm
do. there's issues that go on that i don't -- i can't really discuss, but yeah. there is a sense of disgust, by all means. >> greta: what about the meter reader? what do you think happened? you think that he had anything to do with moving -- did he see the remains in august, really? what do you make of all that? >> i don't know what to make of roy kronk. i know the defense pushed the issue with him. i just -- there wasn't much time spent on him for us to really generate a feeling towards roy kronk. i think that he did -- he stated that he did remove the remains at a time. he picked the bag up at one point a skull came out. >> greta: you don't think he moved it from the house? >> no. there's nothing that puts him in that house.
10:47 pm
there's nothing that shows consistently he was involved in the anthony family. that was not something that i really took in consideration. again, we don't know, there's such a grey area there. he was not one that i put in that mix on those days. >> greta: i understand it has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, you don't if there was an accident or murder. but what is your suspicion how that child got from the home to where the remains are found? >> it wasn't very far. whether she was put in the trunk of casey's car, there is a good possibility of that. again, it is a suspicion. was she put in that car and then taken out of that car and put in another? we don't know. the whole process of going from the house to the corner
10:48 pm
of suburban drive, around the corner to the spot on surburban drive. so, i wish there was something that can tell us that, as to how that really happened. who put the body in the car? how they put the body in the car? what happened to the body before it was put in the car? those are issues we don't know. >> greta: when you signed the verdict in the verdict room and said all right, let's go, let's tell the deputy we are ready to go, what was it like in the room? >> it was tough. >> greta: meaning what? >> silence. i was very silent. there's a lot of time from the time when i knocked on that door, to the time that we actually out there was a lot of time. it was just a very, very somber, just silent, quiet
10:49 pm
moment for all of us. i tried to close my eyes and relax. and i really couldn't. i had a lot of people go through and check to make sure everything was filled out right on it. make sure the date was right. that the appropriate box was checked. just to -- for my on comfort. >> greta: straight ahead, a phone hacking scandal rocks britain. brings down a decade's old tabloid. now it is hitting home. congress is calling for a big investigation that story is next. my doctor's again ordered me to take aspirin. and i do. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ mike ] listen to the doctor. take it seriously. we made a miracle. and we got onesies! sometimes miracles get messy. so we use tide free. no perfumes or dyes for her delicate skin. brad. not it. not it.
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uh, it's okay. i've played a pilot before.
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>> greta: a massive phone hacking scandal. murdoch is the ceo of news corporation the parent company of fox news channel. the scandal involves allegations that news of the world newspaper used private investigator to hack into the voice mails of many people. among them hugh grant, the prince of wales. british victims of 9/11 and a 13-year-old girl who was kidnapped in 2002. prime minister gordon brown claims he was a victim.
10:54 pm
>> the systematic use of base and unlawful methods, new crimes with new names, trojans to break into computers not just not the misconduct of a few rogues or a few freelancer. i have to say law breaking often on an industrial scale at its worst dependent on links with the british criminal under world. >> greta: murdoch call the allegations deplorable and unacceptable. three days ago sunday murdoch shutdown the 168-year-old tabloid newspaper. british prime minister cameron spoke this morning about news corp's in acquireing bskyb. >> what has happened has to be addressed and should stop thinking about mergers when they have to sort out the mess they've created. >> greta: hours before the british house of commons was to begin a measure to force news corp to drop the bid, the
10:55 pm
president and coo released this statement: >> greta: british officials have launched a full scale investigation. meanwhile, five members of the united states congress, senator rockefeller, senator boxer, senator lautenberg, senator menendez and congressman peter king all calling for another investigation here at home. they want to know if the alleged hacking by nurse corp extended on to u.s. soil? >> coming up, -- was the royal couple's trip to the united states too pricey? we are talking trillions of dollars. we'll explain, that's next. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
10:56 pm
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